10 WordPress Security Plugins To Keep Your Blog Safe

It’s every bloggers worst nightmare, waking up and opening your blog to find out it’s been hacked, potentially you could lose all of your articles, themes and even your entire database.

In today’s modern world it certainly pays to be security conscious, regularly backing up your database is a good start, but what is even better is having some mechanisms in place to hopefully prevent it getting that far.

Here are 10 plugins that will help secure your WordPress install and keep your hard work safe and hopefully keep the hackers away, I have briefly outlined the function of each plugin, but if you visit the link you will be able to read more and learn how to implement.

Admin SSL

Secures your login pages, admin panel or anything else you wish to secure.

HTTP Authentication


HTTP Authentication plugin with many modules.

Login LockDown WordPress Security


Records failed logins and the IP that failed, and also locks out IP address for a time period.

Secure Files


Allows uploading and download of files from outside the root directory.

WP-Secure Remove WordPress Version


Removes WP version from meta tags to stop others knowing what version you’re running.

Secure WordPress


Removes error info on login pages, as well as WP version in front end.

Stealth Login


Allows creation of customs urls for logging in and out and for the admin section of your blog.

TAC – Theme Authenticity Checker


Scans your themes for any unwanted or potentially dangerous code.

WP Security Scan


Scans your WordPress install and suggests ways to improve any weaknesses.

WP Sentry


Allows restricted postings and doesn’t allow Google to index.


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